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We're f*cked up but we're not the same

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Quotes by GabbyBaby

When you have to interrupt your family's thanksgiving so you can be taken to the ER. Then the hospital's pain meds don't work and the pain is making you exhausted but also preventing you from sleeping.  And then you're crying from both pain and tiredness.

The space that's inbetween 

*Agressively pro-rights and pro-choice*

I don't get it.  I respect everyone's religious beliefs no matter what they are.  So why can't some people respect my lack of beliefs??

I've lost all motivation I swear
If I have feelings for you, it's because you make me feel important.  So know that the second you stop making me feel important, I stop caring.
Baby my breaking up with you isn't a "goodbye,"  it's an "I'll see you when the time is right."
*watches feminist slam poetry*
Coffee and cigarettes and a whole lot of crying
My talents include:
1) Choking on absolutely everything
2) Making short lists