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I hate people >.<
stuff.FOOORR WIITY ; Gabybaybee98
i don't think im that pretty buut whatever i guess ;P
Quotes(: , 
-How many days of the year did she wake up w| hope but only find tears.
-Who's gonna be there to save the girl who saved the world ?
-We don't talk anymore, & I don't understand why, it's like you gave me wings then told me it wass illegal to fly .
-I wonder if he wonders why I never say a thing to him, but maybe me not saying a thing to him, really isn't a big thing to him .
-Not sure if this guy is giving me butterflies, or if I'm hungry.
-Dating is prostitution, you just don't always get what you pay for.
-Love is love, and lust is lust. But you and him were just another late night fuck.
-If I'm just a friend, why do I know what your lips taste like ? 
-I've dove for sunken gold, and took all I could hold, but you're still the greatest treasure I've held in my hand.
About me;
Hii I'm Gabriela . but just call me Gaby . 
I'm very loud & random . 
I'm El Salvadoriiaan . Born theree & currently in VA . ;D My favorite color is green - & I'm really, random & Wild Because, live by the quotes "Everything happens for a reason" & "whatever happens , happens"[ ; Heh, 
If you wanna know just leave me a comment ! [:  Love & Bullets ,Gaby[x ♥
Drake . Lil Wayne . Nicki Minaj . Blood on the Dance Floor . Katy Perry . TAYLOR SWIFT . Immortal Technique. P!nk . Rihanna . Tila Tequila . Aventura . Wisin y Yandel .  Akon . Eminem .Ne-yo . Jeremih . Dead Mau5 . Auburn . The Maine . Kid Cudi . EnriBruno Mars . Black Veil Brides . Paramore . Lady Gaga .  Tito el Bambino . FlyLeaf . Asking Alexandria . Prince Royce . Marc Anthonthy . J. Cole . My Chemical Romance .and sooo much more I ♥ music its my liife .  ;D

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AND HER DADDY WAS A DENTIST,SAID I HAD A DIRTY MOUTH,    but she kissed me like she meant it


What if your pillow

Could collect your dreams and when you wake up,
You could plug it into your computer
And watch them over again.

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It's going tbe a saday

when someone looks back & says, 'I miss the good old Disney shows like AustianAlly.'


Flipping my hair, 
and not knowing 
if I'm pretending to be Willow Smith 
or overwhelming One Direction....

My 21 year old brother 
had  prom a few weeks ago.
My brother has Down Syndrome..
 He had his first kiss that night with another Down Syndrome girl.
Fav if you think that's  adorable♥ 

We should be able to text 911, in case were hiding from a cereal killer and don't want them to hear us.



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(please read, long but worth reading)

Today, I saw an old man sitting by himself in the movies... my friend and i just kept staring because he was hooked up to a breathing tool but he was smiling and laughing at the movie the smurfs... when he finnally relized we were staring at him he turned to us and said,"It's okay to stare, i know you don't see this everyday. You see when i had children a long time ago this was there favorite show, i used to watch it with them every saturday morning. it was great. Untill one day my beautiful wife Celia and my three children got into a car accident and died. i never got to say good-bye. so, when i heard of this movie from my niece, i needed to see it. You see i may be an old dinosaur but i still have a huge heart."... please favorite for that old man with a heart of gold.


Imagine a mirror that could reveal your personality.
...Would you dare look?


it's nothing new, just another reason to cut.