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Quotes by GagaBiggestMonster

Hi, I'm a boy.
Here's how it goes. I'm gonna flirt with you, then diss you.
I'll send you a mixed message, hit on your friends then lie to you.
Then I will lead you on so you fall for me.
I'll make you happy for a night, but tomorrow I'll completely ignore you. You'll be the first one I turn to when I need a friend or a confidence boost.
You know what the best part is?
You can't do anything about it
because you love me
& you don't want to loose me.

Couldn't of been explained any better.

My mums so old fashion.
She thinks 'LOL' means 'Lots of Love'

Today she texted me saying.
"Grandma died, LOL"

 "HEY! Did you get a haircut?! :O"

"...No. I dyed the tips of my hair invisible"


Yo momma's so fat
 she ate the rest of this sentence.

When you're entire class gangs up on a substitute teacher..


'Yeah, and so did you're dads condom..'



"Romeo Romeo, where art thou Romeo ?"
"On COD babe."



The   awkward moment when;

Miley Cyrus wasn't invited to that party in the USA.. ♥



Is such a strong word...

 I prefer to use
'Suprise Adoption'