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You are beautiful
You are completely one of a kind
There is no other like you in the world
You are an original human
You are unique


Quotes by GastlyHorror

I hit a weak point, blood trickles like a stream, like my cheeks with tears. I held it in, I held on to that blade. The darkness swarmed around me, I let go and it stings. I cant let that in. I cant.

Holding the rope, hanging over the edge of sanity. I cling to small string compared to the huge ocean. Dont push me, I know how to swim.

This world is dying around us, us the humans who care more about image and followers, numbers and things that wont matter soon. When the world ends you will cling to the nearest person to you, black, white, asian, mexican, or muslim. You will hold them and wish instead of staring at your phone you would have known them as a person. When the world burns...we all burn together.
Head swirling I cant stop, thinking of you, my heart drops. I remember smiles and happiness, oh how I made a mess. Looking for that smile I would drive miles. I call out for you, lost, you dont answer, tossed in the water of reality. I know now, what I did with all my doubt. I hurt you, you hurt me, we hurt us.
Loving is hard, true love is elusive. Life is harsh, truly living is a choice.
I have grown, I look back on my past and feel sick at the person I was. Though despite that I smile now cause I have grown and learned from my past. My past has made me the person I am today.
The world would be heaven without greed.
You can only hold the world on your shoulders for so long until it crushes you. Fly my love amongst the stars, be free my nebula.
Your tears like the rain, your body my earth. Your breath my air, your hands my shelter. I need you to live but kill you slowly. You are my everything, but nothing. Nothing can stop your decay. I love you my sweet unwinding story. Live forever in memory and song.
Thinking of you, always.
Forgetting you, never.