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You are beautiful
You are completely one of a kind
There is no other like you in the world
You are an original human
You are unique


Quotes by GastlyHorror

I gasp and fight for air. I am drowning in you.
With all your beauty, like a flower floating through space, timeless and full of wonder.
The mirror is my enemy. My bed is my friend. My hair must hate me, I comb it to no end.
Your smile, a beautiful sunset.
A perfect ending to my day.
Following you through a door, you disappear. I search around, you are nowhere to be found.
Sleeping at night I hear your cries. Tossing and turning, your wales leave my ears burning.
I love your pale face and try to touch you. You are what I want most, though it is hard to love a ghost.

Walking through nothing
Standing on air
I look over to a mirror
I see myself as what Im not
and look away to find my shot
at being me for all I am
Walking through nothing
I find myself

Finding yourself loving someone you can't have is like looking up at the stars.
Admire the beauty from afar, the beauty you can't reach but dream of often.
Going into the dark you open your eyes wider
Stepping into the light you close your eyes
Your eyes are open to possibilties but closed to hatred
This is how it should be.
I love how teachers would say
"You need to know this, because you wont have a calculator with you all the time."
Now today some 5 year olds have smartphones.
Heavy hearts, like heavy clouds in the sky,
are best relieved by the letting of a little water.