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[[ima cut youh.]]  <(:3

Quotes by Gatorchomp223

You stumble down the yellow brick road,
spinning your shoes in the air.

The air.

Then you hold your breath and count to nine,
hoping that soon somebody will find you.
[[ima cut youh.]]  <(:3
I've cried myself to sleep too many times;;      <
I've tried too many things to be with you again;; |
I've changed too much of myself for you;;              3

And you never came back. <|3
im so up high that
i     can't      see       the       ground      below..
I just wanna love you..
--> but you ain't gonna let that happen.
my fears became my life when i heard the car pull out of the drive way. <|3.
-if i'm Cinderella-
 where's my happy ending?
people say words can never hurt them?
well those people
the word "rejection" doesn't hurt me anymore.
i've already [[lived through it.]]
and baby?
i'm still standing.