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Quotes by GeordieJess

i'll never forget you,
this is my only choice,
you'll never forgive me,
i'd die and wait for you.


IT'S HIGH TIDE BABY, The Blackout. <3
when i say 'Don't Stop Believing,'
everyone replies 'Hold On To That Feeling'.

you're not a winner.

enter shikari.
you broke my heart
so i broke your nose.
&. we will watch that sunset,
one last time.
and we'll lay our hands down,
under the starless sky.
we'll be pretending we can stay forever
forever. for. one. more. night.
run baby, run.
don't ever look back.
"the best way to spread christmas cheer
is to sing aloud for all to hear."

- elf. :)
you make your own luck, right?
trust me;

life goes fast- so don't waste a second;
thinking about that boy - when you could be with your girls.
staying indoors - when you could be out.
crying - when you could be laughing.
don't waste it my love's :).
now that christmas and new year are over.....

                              summer '09 is the next big thing. * xo