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Okay so here goes..
I’m Zach, I’m 18 and I am probably one of the most in depth, deepest thinkers in the world. I can go from sad to happy in seconds or the other way round. I just think about how big the world is, how small we are in comparison. I think how horrible it is that everything we do and exist for will soon become nothing when we are just bones under the earth where we used to stand. I think about my future, laying in the grass looking up into the night sky and watching each and every star just glisten in their own way. So many things in life are beautiful, but then there’s people of course, the 95% of them which make the world a dark horrible place to be where most of them make you want to die. Anyway this is an about me so I guess I better tell you something other than how much I hate people. By that I mean how much I hate the little heartless d!ckheads who want to cause pain to other people, why they feel the need to hurt someone else or bring them down is beyond me. If I could, I would make every person who deserves it as happy as they deserve.
Okay, so I love being free. Movement makes me feel free. I love walking, skating, BMXing,  throwing myself about and defying gravity to the point where I can do flips and other sht:’) So yeah, I suppose I love movement so much because I can just put my headphones in and go anywhere I wish. I can see amazing things I have never seen before and learn things other people can’t do. That’s the best thing ever, learning something and people been amazed by it! I was once stopped by some dude in a van so he could watch me do a sideflip for him… he caused roughly a 8 car jam on a small street, pretty funny:’) Anyway, sometimes I take my BMX or my skateboard and go far away from anywhere, sit with my best friend and talk about life. Talk about anything. Literally go so far from my home and just forget the world.. My friends are the best people in my life. They are always ready to just leave this place, whenever.

I play the drums and guitar and I love anything to do with music. Music is my life. Nothing I say will ever describe how much music means to me, like seriously. When words fail; music speaks. One day I am hoping to be in a band, and trust me, I will work my @ss off. I constantly have headphones in or my music on, whether you call me a emo, skater or whatever else you judge me as then do what you like because tbh you are nothing to me. You don’t know me by simply reading this, so judge all you like, I'm fed up with heartless bullies so carry on with your little pathetic life:) Truth is I am nothing, I'm not 'emo' or whatever. I’m just me.

I don’t smoke and I don’t drink, due to the fact I have a phobia of being sick and I panic and nearly die LIKE A BOSS (note the sarcasm?). I’m a virgin. Because every girl I have ever been with has never been worth it for me to just hand it over, it’s there for someone who is worth everything to me. It’s there for them to know I'm theirs and nobody elses. I’m not fridgid or whatever, I am just used to relationships ending as quick as they start so I don’t even bother with allowing them to take that away from me ^^ But seriously every girl I have ever been with has either cheated on me or just walked out of my life because they got bored of me. Let's face it I know I’m nothing at all compared to most people but ah well, I’ll let society get on with it (Y)
- However, since May 27th 2013, I have been in a relationship with an amazing girl. I've known her and liked her for so long... She's made me rethink a lot of things and I'm so much happier and even more positive with her. :) <3


I’m not a 'typical guy' per se, I would much prefer to hold someone’s hand and go for a walk or cuddle and kiss while looking at the stars or something stupid and cheesy like that. But hey that’s just weird little me:’) The last thing you should know about me is that I hate myself. I hate how I look, how I sound, my hair, who I am, everything. Mainly cos I get treat like sht when I treat other people as good as I can, but also cos I just hate myself and always will, but there’s nothing you can do about that, I manage to get through each day smiling somehow still. And no I don’t want sympathy and I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me, that’s just how I think :l

Anyway that’s all, headphones in, gonna drift off to my own little perfect world, if only this world existed <3


For those of you who have been asking, I don't have a Kik, my Facebook is only for people I know in real life, and I used to have a Skype but it crashed on my computer and I honestly cba trying to fix it :L
Don't believe that I've Skyped with a Wittian? ask dec0de or SinnersNeverSleep.
Also I know the main reason I have so many followers is because I'm a guy, and I hate that too. But there's literally nothing I can do about it unless you want me to pretend I'm a girl -.-
.... just saving.

*PS if you've come here to comment about 'your username omg xD xD' or 'ZOMGGGGG UR BULLYING BEASTT!1!!1!!1!1!!!!' then please go away :))*


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Just put your weight
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guess who's back and apparently hasn't posted a quote in 207.9 days.

I give it all,
and when I fall,
I get up and give some more

Until there's nothing left of me.

it's almost 3am and does it look like I'm going to sleep the answer is no xo
First, Pierce The Veil sold hot sauce, and now Being As An Ocean are making pillowcases... Well, band merch is getting a bit weird.

It's nearly 2am.
And I, a 17 year old British man, am currently jamming to Hilary Duff and watching Camp Rock.
Don't be too jealous.

I haven't been on Witty in like 2 months but hiiiiiii I still exist
why am I still awake at 4am on a Monday

This is the science of a man
falling apart.


It's like there's cancer in my blood,
it's like there's water in my lungs
And I can't take another step

Please tell me I am not undone.