Status: I'm terrified of how happy you're making me feel
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Location: Lakewood, Colorado
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My name is G.
Um, I want a love story like Chuck and Blair.
Am I the only one who watches Gossip Girl?
I love to read historical romances
Um, I'm a freshman at a cheesy high school [think High School Musical]
I'm playing tennis at my school team !
I wanna make Witty friends, 
I will listen to anything
From classical Andrea Bocelli to
Usher or Adele
Reading is my passion
I don't sleep -so much homework
I own Nuttela, but not cats
I would love to get to know you,
My profile is always open to you...

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Quotes by Gigi_Tirado

There's only a one letter difference between meth and math. Guess what I'd rather do?
When the power of love overcomes
the love of power,
that is when the world will know
I vow
to fiercely love you in all your forms,
now and forever.
I promise to never forget that this is a
once in a lifetime love.
Do you ever miss me?
I mean truely, aching in bottom-of-your heart pain, which you can't just ignore
Because that's how I feel. Every single day.
I want to feel beautiful.
I want to stop looking at inspirations;
and be one
I want to pass by someone and notice them looking at me.
I want to be happy.
And I will.

Love is  

when you find someone who is your best friend and you can be yourself around them. It's when words can't come close to what you feel. It's when you know you are suppose to be together. And if you had to wait forever...

You would 


Every now and then, the stars align 
Boy and girl meet by the great design 


Don't do anything unusually stupid.

Like what?

Fall in love 


Love is like the wind
You can't see it,
but you can feel it

I wonder how it feels like to love somebody who doesn't love you back. 
It must be awful