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Hey! It's Marnie(: I'm fourteen and a freshiee at OHS! 
Go Panthers! (;
Well.. I don't really know what to say. Maybe something about my love life? Okay then,  here goes. I fucked up my last relationship by ending it because we didn't really talk enough, and I wanted to wait until we could talk. Turns out he had eyes for his ex girlfriend and asked her out 3 days later. Whoop. We're still friends, but it's killing me not to tell him how I feel. jds;ahfdsjkfa.
 Well enough about that stuff. Maybe you guys wanna hear about me? No? Then don't read this next part. 
I'm in loooveee with One Direction. Like Legit. I'm going to marry Niall Horan. He's such a sweetie. He's the most adorable boy on the planet. <3 Now onto more personal things about myself! Scroll downward!
Kay so. I don't like myself too much, but I mean, who is totally okay with themselves, ya know? I'm sure there are some people out there, but most of them are arrogent. Not all, just most. Well, I don't think I'm the most attractive girl. Sometimes I think I'm skinny, other times I don't. I hate my personality. Period. I don't think I'll ever be able to change that. I feel like I'm annoying and not funny when I make a joke, or whatever. Three things I like about myself? My hair, my singing voice, and my sense of style. When I get compliments on any of those, it makes me smile. 
I used to be SUPER self conscience. Like more than I am now.  I went anorexic for a short period of time and I tried cutting, but turning to the blade just reminded me of how weak I really was. I considered suicide a lot during 7th grade. I spent most of my nights crying, thinking "Why me?". Yeah. This is probably getting boring for you wasting your time reading this xD Well, bye beautiful. <3

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