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Hi! I am new but I've always like witty. I'm a huge fan of Owl City and a lot of rock bands (three days graces, a7x, sick puppies, skillet, breaking benjamin.... you get the point). I like potatoes and puns. I don't english very well (hence this crappy introduction). My favorite color is purple. And lastly, I like making fanart from some of my favorite songs.

Quotes by Gingerwolf35


I can't do this anymore



But now these lonely lullabies
just dampen my tired eyes
because I can't forget you
because I can't forget you...

I don't wanna be your hero..
I can't be your hero..

It's a bitter world
and I'd rather dream

My weakness is that I care too much

I'm tired of waking up in tears 'Cause I can't put to bed these phobias and fears I'm new to this grief I can't explain

But I'm no stranger to the heartache and the pain

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You had my heart, at least for the most part