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Quotes by polinaagoldberg*

You know what I hate about some boys?
When a "not so attractive" girl, or a girl that would be considered nerdy
likes a jock or a popular kind of guy
And instead of just ignoring her, or letting her down easy
The guy makes a joke out of her
And all his friends ridicule her for even being so stupid,
"why would anyone ever go for you?"

Are you honestly that cocky
That you laugh at a girl for showing her affection towards you?

Do you even realize that you are having a huge effect on the girl's life,
Her self esteem, her opinion of herself?

Are you capable of understanding that while you're joking around with your friends
She's crying all alone

Get over yourself, and at least take it as a compliment or ignore it completely
Don't make fun of a girl for not being up to your "standards"

It's weird how british people say "lift" instead of "elevator" and how my dad says "you're a disappointment" instead of "i love you"
People need to stop romanticizing suicide

They need to stop romantisizing self harm

They need to stop glamorizing drugs and alcohol

None of these things are good

Everyone has their own problems

They shouldn't be presented as appealing or attractive

Because they're not

ok so what if i'm your one and only but you aren't mine?
"She never looked nice. 
 She looked like art, and art wasn't supposed to look nice;
 It was supposed to make you feel something"

-Eleanor & Park, 
 Rainbow Rowell
me: *sees girl wearing a led zeppelin shirt*
me: you like led zeppelin?
her: no i've actually never listened to them i just like this shirt 

the police: so you're saying she just flew out of a window by herself?
i put the "hot" in psychotic 
deciding i was pretty was the best thing i ever did

one day i was just like

f/uck this i'm pretty

and i was
truth is,
when you meet him
you'll know it
1 month down 
9 to go

hello summer 2014

it's right around the corner