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welcome to my profile.

i'm leanna. i'm short, i love music, i wish i could play the piano, and i've been heart broken too many times to count. awesome. bye. :)

Quotes by Gl4m0urCh1ck

I don't care if I only 

get one favorite on a quote ;; 
it shows at least one person
feels the same way as me. /////////♥

it looks good on you, (:

even if the moon fell down tonight,
there'd be nothing to worry about
because you make the whole world


The right guy will come along soon enough.
He doesn't just show up, it takes time to realize
[  he's             the            one  ]
Don't think 'I'm not good enough! No one will love me!'
I felt like that before.. & now I have an amazing boyfriend.
Believe in yourself, it will all work out :)

Believe in things unseen♥
LOVE  l e a v e s  m e                  
symptoms of a heartbreak ;
depression ; feeling worthless ; frequent ice cream cravings ; fatigue ; mood swings ;
random flashbacks ; sadness ; loss of interest in things you love to do ; wet pillows ;
running mascara ;  chocolate cravings ; long, restless nights ; reaccouring dreams ;
newly added quotes on witty ; emergency sleepovers ; listening to sad songs over and
over again ; crying ; red eyes ; anger ; && undescribable pain.

- if any of these symptoms above occur, please contact your best friend immediately. -
Yo ay ay ay listen
See, I don't live for glamour
and I dont care for fame

I'm in this for the love of the game
Funny how things can change
They didnt believe in me
Then they calling my name
Now look who crashed in
They didnt wanna know me back then
But ever since I don gon platinum
Everything turned around
Now the sky is falling down.

J  A  Y  S  E  A  N  ♥

I made It -- Kevin Rudolf
(Feat. Birdman, Lil Wayne&Jay Sean)
"what am I supposed to do
when the best part of me was always you"