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"Be yourself , there's no one better."
Selena Gomez

Who else is in love with Zayn
from 1D?

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A Year To Remember


        It was 7:30 in the morning when I got up. First day of highschool I thought ,blinked and ran towards the shower. 
   "FIRST DAY OF HIGHSCHOOL" I said out loud, trying to digest it.

      I guess I should introduce myself to you guys now. Here goes; My name is Serena White , I have crazy bright red hair and light brown eyes. I'm one of those girls that people look at and mutter 'dumb' or 'btch'.I'm neither.Yeah I get that people judge but some girls take it to a whole new leval (like Savanah). I sure as hell won't be looking forwards to running into her. The sound of a rock hiting my window interupted my thoughts. I looked at myself in the miror one last time before I ran downstairs, grabed my tote bag and steped outside to certain glares from my two bestfriends Kaitlyn Stone and Tessa Watts. "S, if we don't run we're going to be late. On our first day." complained Kate.Oblivious to this I broke into a run (since our local highschool was only a block away from my house we had to walk).Finally we arived at Calpier Heights. The building which held the next four years to our future.

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I'm not dancing i'm having a f'n siezure!:/

Unlike barbies me'n my frieinds aren't sold seperatly ♥♥

Kidnap. Is a strong word, I prefer surprised adoption xD