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Hey everyone! I am Ally ^-^ And I am an age...? ^-^ I am a huge book worm  (: Haha I like flashy colors and random things...yah!I have 5 bestfriends (: Lexi Lauren Lexi Katelyn Cameron ^O^ Bahaha hmu on stardoll :3 im Galglory_. YEAH LETS GO HARDCORE ON THIS! ME AND YOU BEIND THE GYM TO PINKIE SWEAR ON IT HUSTLE HUSTLE HUSTLE.Lol sorry i had to type that (: Yeah i'm a weird kiddo as yhuu might sayyy :3 See meh up there ^-^ Its meh :3 Bahaha..oooh im bored.Yah well imma go and write you witty sisters some quotes (: 

Quotes by GodGaveMeThem

Sweetie, your imperfections make you perfect <3
kissing test♥
1.hold your breath
2.click add a quote
3.copy and paste this quote
4.good now if you did this without breathing you are a good kisser



Who knows....

 Who J Lynn Cowart is ? That's my sister's cousin. I feel for her.

Fave if I should do a Who knows.... series :DD  


If you were to stay up all night what would you do? 

Harry: I'd watch films.

Niall: Me too.

Liam: I'd hang with some friends.

Harry: What kind of friends Liam ? 

Louis: Special friends.

Liam: Imaginary friends.

Zayn: Aah what would I do? 

Zayn: We'd party hard !

Niall: Yes ! PARTY TIME!

Louis: All day.

Zayn: All night . DJ Malik Dj Malik.

Niall: All day, all night. 


And when I see you on the street, in his arms I get weak. My body fails apon my knees,praying.
                                                                            - Louis Tomlinson

One Direction Facts #2
After Louis watched New Moon he spent the whole evening acting like Edward Cullen.

One Direction Facts #1
Harry Styles came up with the band's name One Direction

You just have to live your life not caring what THEY think and show them that you are WORTH IT ♥
You're not thick. You're one Krispy Kreme donut away from a heart attack.
My friend was kidding around with my "friend" and she just yanked her hair a little.Well my "friend" went off on her and left about 30 scratches total on her arms and top of her hands.What should I do? And a few of the scratches bled.My "friend" makes me SICK!