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This might be my last quote. Im leaving witty. I hope that i can come back because I dont want to leave all my friends on here. But if I never come back I want to say big thanks to people who have been there for me:

Summerolympics20: I will still text you Eve :) Its painful to leave witty though. I was just telling you how I was going to leave because I was hurt but now that I have to leave because of something else... I dont want to go :( Sine im leaving you HAVE to text me your story ok? :) It was ironic how I met you but I'm so glad I did :)  It was cool how we got Dylan off because of what he did. I doubt it was for safety reasons though *cant believe he kept calling you summer. THAT was hilarious* ... lol *lol*

XxTeenage_WastelandxX: Indi your super sweet and I can't believe I might have to leave. If you see this quote *because you don't know* I want to say thanks for everything. Youve helped me through alot. I know youve been through hard times too. Im so happy for you though :) I hope your mom makes it through it. I'll be praying for you guys.

ShutUpAndLookAtThis: Wow your awesome XD Im so glad I got to meet another christian friend on here!! It was amazing talking to you. Youve been through pretty tough times too with James Bond and all *Kevin XD* Thanks Julia for everything :)

Piegirl222: Remember how I couldnt make quotes so you did it for the both of us? We did awesome Dumb&Dumber quotes :P Thanks for being there too! Ive always like your anime profile pictures cause... I like anime. Its awesome to have a christian friend like you :)

WITTYMAN: Hey Colten. Havent talked to in a while but thanks for a lot of things :) Thanks for the comment you left on one of my quotes and I was so happy to hear when you told me you were a christian too. You didnt judge me so that made it even more awesome to talk to you XD

Beatlelover44: Hey Katie :) thanks for being there... Its cool how your a christian too :) I dont think ive ever told you that. But thanks for being suck a good friend... I know youve had some problems with girls and guys and just school -_- but... I wish I could be there for you but now that im leaving... I cant :\ Just know that I think your awesome!

JustAnotherWittyGuy: Your one of the witty famous ones XD. Noah, I really liked your youtube format. I liked how you put the hunger games part in it and to me it looked fine. I really liked your story too but you were always too busy to write another chapter. Too bad I wont be able to finish it... 

JakeFromWitty: I know that i mightve gotten you mad and I was really sorry. Just today I got our friendship back together but now I have to go... I'm sorry that you have to deal with people who are jerks and tease you about you liking acting. Everybodys different though. Your unique in your own way. I hope you go far in acting though :) Dont ever ditch Eve. I WILL have her tell me too XD I think you do deserve your followers and all of the faves on your quotes though...thanks for being there too :)

Wittians: I know I didnt get all of you guys up there and I wish I could. There have been so many people that have helpedme through alot and Im thankful for that. Im in love with witty so much and I wish I didnt have to go :( You guys all make amazig quotes that make me laugh, cry, or there just inspiring to me. I really didnt like how 1D and the hunger games took over witty though so you guys really have to... slow down with that :) RIP to FramingMatthew too... Ill be praying for Daniel too. If you guys dont know he has liver cancer. I havent been able to speak to him but I just hope hes doing ok and that he'll be able to get the treatments he need

Steve: I know your probably not reading this but I just want to say thanks for making this website. I dont want my account delted just in case I ever come back :\ So if you can please dont delete it... This website has saved many of peoples lives and I reapect you for that... I hope I dont have to leave forever or for good *by the way I love dinosaurs too*

Well i dont know what else to say. Ya this is long but... I dont know :) Stay strong though to all the girls and guys

I want someone to hurt like the way I hurt...


 Should I keep fighting for my friendship back or should I just give up?



My love is just waiting to turn your tears to roses

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I've got a busted heart

Dont just
walk away
from your problems.
Fix them.

Tonight was crazy. First I'm crying my eyes out then I question a guy for using a fake picture for his profile... I still want my friend back tough 


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Fighting over Shakespeare was way better than fighting over our friendship

I want a friend that will just be my friend forever