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Quotes by GonnaWalkAway

You don't deserve 

a point of view

if the only thing you see is




Next time you point a finger

I'll point you to the



♥This heart

It beats

Beats For OnlyYou


And I wonder if I ever

Cross you're mind

For me it happens

All the time...


♥ How to be brave?

How can I love when I'm

Afraid To Fall ?


I started living outside of the box 

Crossing over lines where I always used to stop

Living outside of the box

Because I'm not gonna be anybody that i'm not.


Edward Cullen;; *sparkle sparkle*
Snape;; Wait, if you're a vampire....why do you sparkle?
Voldemort;; omg Severus, you can't just ask people why they sparkle.
"Aww Drake, you don't eat a hot dog wearing a tuexdo!"

"This hot dog's not wearing a tuexdo...."



When girls hack eachother;

"omg I love _____ so much! She's my best friend,aw:*"

When guys hack eachother;
"I'm gay"