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Quotes by Annonymous*

Isn't It Funny How Things Can Change So Quickly From Good To Bad

Unlike Barbies, me and my girls, aren't sold seperately!

On my school planner I will be doing a Witty Usernames page... I will then take a picture of it and make it my profile picture, so you guys can save it.
Comment your Username and a Colour!
We all have that one smell that brings back LOTS of Memories
Hard Times Reveal True Friends
Who said I ever wanted the Prince? I just wanted my Shoe back!

- Cinderella

Love Said: '' Why do you exist, when I already exist?''
Friendship smiled and said: ''To put a smile where you leave tears!''


Dear Crush,
I love your eyes, you're hair, your height and everything about you. I notice every little detail about you and I always sneak a stare when you are near me. I love you.I feel so jealous when you are with her... I wish I was her.

Hey! Are you ok? How is your Girlfriend doing?

He's Cute. He has Gorgeous Eyes.
He makes you Smile.

I didn't say a name,
but he popped into your head,
didn't he?►

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