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Quotes by Gpc11

What's worse than a girl falling asleep during s3x?

A girl waking up during s3x.
Beer is like the Sun.

It rises in the yeast, and sets in the Waist 🍺
I wonder if I've ever bought milk from the same cow twice.?

Before making any promises to a girl, m@$turb@te twice...It may change your mind 😁
I almost died in the shower today. I slipped and my dumb@ss tried to grab the water
Pretty soon the only place you will be able to buy a Confederate flag will be the b1ack market.

Oh the irony.

Being 18-25 is like playing a video game where you've skipped the tutorial and you're just sort of running around with no idea how anything works
Jurassic World was so f#ckling awesome.

P.S people that clap in movie theaters ...please f#q off.

Me: What's the difference between a toilet and a fridge?
Friend: I don't know
Me: You're disgusting.