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Plot Twist: We all become attractive and get social lifes outside of witty


I've changed so much this summer.
I've started cutting again, smoking pot, drinking... a lot, and partying.
But somehow I'm happier than I was last year, and I don't know why.
I just really need to vent right now.

there's a smile on her lips but cuts on her wrists.


    I whispered as I slipped into my purple crocs.

Sending my love to girls with cuts on their wrists

I hope you find what you're looking for.
We carry these things inside of us that no one else can see
They hold us down like anchors and drown us
out at sea.

I would do anything for a thigh gap.



On March 6th ; 

A girl at my school took her own life.

Because she was being bullied.

She was 14 years young.

She was called names everyday.

On March 6th 

Holly Payas took her own life.

So This Quote is for Holly

Rest In Paradise.

D o n '  t    b  e  l  i  e  v  e    m e  ?     S  e  a  r  c  h    H  o  l  l  y   P  a  y  a  s .


if it's not o k a y, it's not the e n d