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 I have Cancer
My name is Savannah. Im 16 and I have bone cancer. I was diagnosed 6 months ago, and have been in treatment for 4 months. Im becoming weak, and losing my hair. Im so scared, but i try to stay strong.I am not making this quote for sympathy, im making it for a reason. I dont know how much longer I have left to live, but i am a fighter and will not let this disease destory me. However, I have made a list of 100 things I want to accomplish before i die(inspired from the Buried Life). Number 42 on my list is to get 2000 favs on a quote on witty. I know, this is a lot to ask, but i am asking you my witty sisters, to please help me out.  Every fav will help me cross this  thing off my list. Im sure your tired of seeing quotes like this, but this is the only favor i will ever ask from you girls. If you did read this, i love you so much. Thankyouu