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My life? Complicated. Sorta like a story. Full of betrayal, broken hearts, Everything.

Quotes by Fai~*

Let the tears drip down your eyes,

Every bit of hurt coming from those lies.

He said he loved you,

But were his words ever true?

All he did was use you,

After he was done he found someone new.

He never thinks about hurt you are,

All he knows is life at the bar.

He won’t admit it but he misses your smile,

He looks at your picture, once in a while.

Don’t let him bring up that knife,

You never know it could end a life.

As he brings that knife to his hip,

He thinks of you as a single tear rolls down, hoping that his knife won’t slip..

~This was written by me, through all the tears.. Haha..~

following your heart,
means losing your mind.
We're only lost children, trying to find a friend.
Trying to find our way back home.
We don't know where to go,
So I'll just get lost with you.
It's my birthday today.
I didn't want anything,
But it hurt that no one remembered.
My closest friends didn't,
the school didn't. 
But what hurt the most,
Was that not even
My parents remembered.
Someone should write a book 
where the character slowly falls in
love with the reader
I am a girl.
I don't smoke, drink, or party every weekend. 
I don't sleep around or start drama to get attention.
Yes, we still do exist.
Imagine a library filled with every book in the world. None have titles on the cover, and all the pages are blank. But when you open one you are automatically transported to the world within the book. You get to live in the story as any character for as long as you like. And when you come out of the story, almost no time has passed in the real world.
Condom Slogan..: Don't let your affection give her an infection, put some protection on that erection! 
Sadest movies of all time:
1. The first 'Land Before Time' movie. I bawled soo hard when Littlefoot's mother died.
2. 'AI (Artificial Intelligence)' Ugh, the whole movie was sad. The end especially.
3. 'I Am Legend9; When that dog dies? Heart=broken

Well, that's just my opinion on the saddest movies ever.
He wakes with vision blurry on the 11th of May
Standing up he tries to keep the demons at bay
Growling and snarling forever in his head
He walks to the door, his sanity hanging on a thread
Brushing his teeth and doing the morning routine
He remembers there's only four more days till he's eighteen
He'll be an adult when inside he feels like a vulnerable child
The 'child' brings his knife down his arm, the cuts are only mild.

He wakes with vision blurry on the 12th of May
"Those cuts on your arm look bad" they'll say
Not wanting to lie to them, nor to her
He doesn't answer to them, only her, he speaks with a slight slur
"I don't want to lie to you; I did them." He replies
She walks off and he sits down, head in hands, knowing that it wasn't wise
The next few hours are awkward, not much is said
As he gets home he takes a pill, to stop him seeing red

He wakes with vision blurry on the 13th of May
Ready for yet another tense day
They forget it ever happened, it's almost the same as before
But in his heart is a new feeling, one he never felt. It's sore.
He tries to forget about the old, let it all go
But honestly? He's never felt this low
He tries to replace the old with the new
Erase her from his heart, try to stop feeling so blue

He wakes with vision blurry on the 14th of May
Maybe there'll be a little light for once? Just a ray
His heart pounding as he is left alone with her
The old. The new. They are seperating from a blur
Making a move he takes her hand
She looks at him angrily, and there goes the thread, the thin strand
He runs home, taking his knife and his pills
He swallows them and uses the knife. Blood spills.

He doesn't wake with vision blurry on the 15th of May.

-My quote, please don't steal-