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Hello my name is Stephanie:) I am an anime freak and proud of it. I am interested

Quotes by Greaterthanthree

Today my friend just found out

her boyfriend asked 5 other
girls out and was flirting with
them, This was her first
boyfriend and it literally
ripped her heart out. Please
Fave this to show her she isn't
the only one


It's amazing how just one person 

can ruin your life and perspective of living forever


That one boy that you will never lose feelings for


You know your best friends when:
You are debating who loves each other more:)
Even if the debate lasts longer than a month

---------- ----------

         I hate it when people complain that it's so easy to make them cry and that they hate crying
  Well unlike them I was raised to bottle up my emotions and didn't want people to worry about me feeling sad
   So ever since then I didn't cry and kept my head up high
          But now I regret it, for now I really need to cry and let my feelings out
  Yet I can't even cry a single tear
       So hear me
witty girls, cry when you need to and never regret it
        Because some girls like me would kill for just to cry a single tear

I know it seems like I'm this strong person who can get through anything
But inside I'm fragile. I've had so many things thrown at me,
and each one has only made a crack
What I'm afraid of is shattering

That depressing moment
When you yell RedRobin and no one replies YUMMMMMMM
This quote has been deleted.

            Jk:) Like this if you highlighted and can read this...
How to survive a zombie attac #1
Slippery Knobs:
Try putting vaseline on doorknobs. Zombies will get frustrated

Movies need to stop being romantic and exciting

Cause it only reminds me of how boring my life is