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Hello my name is Stephanie:) I am an anime freak and proud of it. I am interested

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I 'm an endangered species. it's called

teenage virgin


Fave this if you're
against bullying

I bet half of you will keep scrolling.

Thoughts while scrolling
down facebook newsfeed...


I've seen this quote 2953025 times. Why does it have 50 likes?
Why do you think you're so cool?
No one cares that you're drunk. 
You're such a hypocrite.
Since when do they know each other?
I wish I could get 100 likes on a picture.
You're ridiculously cliquey.
Wow way to pick a fight out of nothing.
Haha who cares?
Wow you really like cats don't you.
Wow you really like horses don't you.
Oh so this is why we couldn't hang out today.
Okay no need for new statuses every 2 minutes.
That's nothing like what you look like in real life.
Lern to spel pleese.
Thanks for lying to me about your plans.'
I don't need to see your Harry Potter group comments every day.
Typiiing liiike thiiis doesn''t makke youu coool ,  kaay ?! <3
Ugh you are SO annoying.
Dying, Why do you have to be so attractive?
Awwww give me your relationship please & thank you.
This isn't #twitter.
Why is everyone obsessed with you? I don't get it.
HEY this is from witty. (:
Why is she so pretty?
Put some clothes on.

HAHAHAHAHA i love that.
Why do you look good in every. single. picture.
Chill with the LMS already.
I don't really know you but I love this so I don't know whether to "like" this or not.
You're so naturally pretty, I'm jealous.
I love you. Notice me. Please.

I drew all of my
dreams in pencil>>>>> But i have no
paint to color them in

This really is the last time I'll get to go on Witty...
I'm in hospital right now, my family weren't even allowed to see me until last night. I wanted to talk to all of you people one last time, but the doctors wouldn't let my mom take a laptop - I begged them for an hour to let her, even if I could only use it for 15 minutes (I also begged them to let me see my girlfriend, I can be VERY persuasive when I want haha) ... I was THAT desperate.
But yeah. This is the last time I'll be on Witty.. I could be dead within 2 weeks. It sucks, but everyone will go on without me. They all know that even though I'm not physically with them, I'll always be there; and they can always talk to me, even though I won't be able to respond.
Gah, there's SO many things I want to say to you all, but I don't know how to say them, and anyways I always end up saying the same kind of thing in my quotes in the hope that people would be inspired. I'm a bit of a fail, aren't I? I'm certainly no Martin Luther King Jr, or Nelson Mandela or any of those awesome inspirational people.. I'm just an ordinary 15 year old kid who's going to die of cancer :Z But I still try. I don't like giving up. And I've been told before that my quotes have saved people's lives. That's.. just amazing. It makes me feel like I have made a difference, even though it was just a small difference to the universe. Does that make sense? .. No, I didn't think so. x_x
So, all I can say now is.. Read my other quotes. You don't have to fave them, just read them. And never give up on your life. You can get through this. There's always someone going through worse than you; someone who'd give anything to be you.. Like, I'd give anything to be one of you people here than be dying of cancer like I am now.
You want to be beautiful? Just believe in yourself. Confidence looks good on a girl.

Thanks for all the love and support, Witty. You all mean the world to me. I love you. <3
- FramingMatthew





Dad: Son, I want you to marry the girl I tell you to.
Son: NO!
Dad: She's Bill Gate's Daughter.
Son:..oh.. okay, then.
Dad: Marry you daughter to my son!
Bill Gates: Hell no!
Dad: He's the CEO of World Bank.
Bill gates: ...oh, ok.
Dad: Appoint my son as the CEO!
Employer: NO.
Dad: He's Bill Gate's Son-in-law.
Employer: Oh, okay!




Please read.
One of my best friends is trying to commit suicide. She doesnt think anyone cares,but i do. and i know you girls care too. Shes saying NO one can convince her outta it, but WE can guys. Shes even writing a suicide note. This isnt even a lie. her witty is lindsey123. she even wrote about it,So please Favorite this,Show her WE care. Lindsey. i love you so much,id be no where without you girl please stay strong.

girls wouldn't have to wear 50543950349 pounds of makeup if boys weren't so god damn judgemental. 




i hate it when, i plan a conversation in my head,
but the other person doesn't follow the script.

leaning when the bowling ball
goes the wrong way.

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