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Hey wittians :D
I'm Virginia, and I'm 20.
I blow the candles out on October 14.
I love Green Day more than I love myself.
Billie Joe Armstrong is my hero.
I'll admit it; I'm pretty weird...
My favorite things include red pandas, nerdy glasses,
cheese, #24, and  mint green.
I'm a college sophomore.
Currently attending IUPUI in Indianapolis.
Health Science major.
I'm loving my life at the moment.
That's all that matters, right?

This is me and my best friend, Michael.  :)

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Quotes by GreenDay21

Knowing the girls you crush on,
and knowing that I'm not included
in that list...

makes me feel sick inside.
I'm too tired to be bored
I'm too bored to be tired
And the silence is so deafening
It's like picking at a sore
I don't want the
world to see me,
'cause I don't think
that they'd understand.
Maybe you're going to be the one that saves me.
After all, you're my wonderwall ♥
She screams in silence.
"Just so you know, I would do anything for you."

Best. Friends.
For the first time today,
my best guy friend asked me for a hug.
And at that moment,
I held my whole world in my hands.
Break a leg, and you crushed my heart

I'm a mess and you're a work of art ♥
I did it, Wittians.
I told my crush/best friend that I like him.
I was upset all night, and cried in front of him.
He asked what was wrong, but I kept putting it off...
Then I finally talked to him on facebook later, and confessed.
Here is his reply:

" had a feeling that was what it was. I'm really not that oblivious...
But it would probably not work out. I just feel that we are too good of friends
to do this to each other, and it would just get awkward...
I'm so sorry, but i think it would be in our best interest as best friend to keep it that way.
And again, I'm sorry, but I just cant bring myself to do that. I'm sorry."

Welp. I tried. I really did. Four years of crushing on him,
doing stupid favors for him.... all wasted. I'm done trying.

Peace out.
Biology/Chemistry Lab

High School:
OMG guys, in this lab we are using water!
Make sure you put your goggles on so you don't get anything in your eyes!

lol We are using dyes and carcinogens
but we don't need gloves or goggles...