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Quotes by Rae Lillian*

Police: Where do you live?
Small Boy: with my parents.
Police: Where do your parents live?
Small Boy: With me.
Police: And where do you live all?
Small Boy: Together
Police: Where is Your Home?
Small Boy: Beside my neighbors' house.
Police: Where is your neighbors' house?
Small Boy: If I tell you, you won't believe me.
Police: Tell me?
Small Boy: Next to my house.
"I don't want to get a girlfriend because all my fans are my girlfriends and I can't cheat on them"

~Harry Styles
"It only takes a second to call a girl fat and she'll take a lifetime trying to starve herself-- Think before you act"

~Harry Styles
Fan: *Meets Niall Horan*
Niall: Why do you seem so sad... I thought you wanted to meet us?
Fan: I'm happy that I get to meet you, I'm sad because you probably won't rememeber......

Teenage Love:
Not brining your jacket to school on a cold, rainy day just so you can wear his.
Taking his notebook in class so he has to wrap his arms around you just to get it back.
Letting him wrap his arms around your waste and kiss you on the forehead.
Getting butterflies when he holds your hand.
Gettin angry and storming off to turn around and find him right there behind you with a hug.
Those big kisses under the 4th of July fireworks.

Yes, Teenage Love. Is. Perfect <3
Your wrist isn't paper, DON'T cut it
Your face isn't a mask, DON'T hide it
Your body isn't a book, DON'T judge it
Your life isn't a film, DON't END IT!
When I show someone my cuts and they say "oh it's not that bad". I'm sorry next time I'll cut deeper.
I ahve always wondered what it's like to have a top quote. Are your notifications like "Whoa man, slow down I can only take so many faves at one. Daymn kid!"
When you add a quote it says "Enter Your Good Quote Here". Well what if i don't want to enter y good quote here maybe I want to enter it there or maybe I don't want it to be good maybe I want it to be crappy...
Imagine one day you're a celebrity and the media exposes all you pictures from the past...

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