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I love making quotes about celebrities and love!

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Quotes by GuadyGirl22




All those hard times we had to endure
all the tears that dropped to the floor
you left me with my heart broken
i said all the words that had to be spoken
I never should've let you go
This is what you have to know


1D Quiz- Comment if you know who these match

1. Nandos + Irish + Food + Sleeping =

2. Cats + Girls + Tacos =

3. "Vas Happenin" + Letter man jacket + Mirriors =

4. Stripes + Carrots + Kevin + Superman =

5. Toy Story + Spoons + Plaid shirts + Purple =
People think i'm funny.

I'm actually really mean and people think i'm joking.

Who else noticed that the "&" 
sign looks like a guy rubbing his butt across the floor?
Guys wonder why girls are always careful when in a relashionship.
Lie after Lie, Heartbreak after Heartbreak and Tear after Tear. 

Unless life gives you     sugar and ice, your        lemonade is gonna       suck!   
Im a Crazy Baby, Great Lady, Total Cutie, with a Booty, Curvy Hips,Glossed Lips, Angel Baby, Spoiled Maybe, Bangin Style, Gorgez Smile, Short Skirt, Luv 2 Flirt, Temptin Lips,Candy Kiss, Im the Chick you don't wanna miss! <3 
If my crush asked another girl out and she said no, and if he asked me out too,i would say no 
because i'm no ones second choice! 
It's hard to forget the things he ever did with you
Who do you think thinks about you all day?
Who do you think talks about you to her friends?
Who do you think dreams about you every night?
Why do you think she does these things?
Because she loves you!