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Wow, i feel awkward writing this..buuuut i shall anyways. So my name's Madi, im fourteen & uhh..i dont know  what else to write soo im gonna go eat pizza bye (:

Quotes by Gumball

*angry witty children* 
them: im tired of everyone getting their quotes from tumblr ! 
me: Lol i dont use tumblr so for all i know you guys are complete geniuses.
Sometimes i suspect that one of my old friends has stolen something
from me i like to think that if i havent noticed it gone by now,
i didnt really need it in the first place 
im not justifying stealing but it makes me feel better


taylor swift songs
give me goosebumps,
i dont know why


The first boy to call me gorgeous,
to call me & text me all the time,
to make me feel wanted,
was also the first boy to make me hate everything. super cool website. 
                      your welcome.
Sometimes when I get home from school im like
"my life is junk"

   & they scream the worst things in life come free to us cause we're just under the upper hand & go mad for a couple grams she dont wanna go outside tonight in the pipe she flies to the mother land or sells love to another man its to cold out tonight , for angels to fly.
          Best. song. ever.

            Sometimes I read the adds
              in between the quotes
                         & think
          "wow.. thats a weird quote"
                          only me ?


NEVER regret anything,
>>>>> because at one time
was exactly what you wanted