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I'm Morgan (:

I'm 14 years young.
I'm a freshman.
I'm around 5'8''
I run track;Hurdles
I think Edward Elric is better than Edward Cullen.
I'm in
love with All Time Low.
I may seem normal, but you can rest assured I am not ;D


Quotes by HahItsMorgan


I got my first kiss today.




Okay, so I was on IM with him at about 1:00am.
He sent me this, literally out of nowhere.

"Hunny, listen.  You are really pretty, extremely... drop dead gorgeous even. It doesn't matter if you think you're too tall cause honestly I think you're great the way you are. You're sweet, nice, nerdy, and just overall great. You would make a great girlfriend any day, trust me, I would know. And I think it's just stupid that no one else has ever told you that before. I seriously think you're freaking perfect!"

Don't give up hope, things can turn around when you least expect it. (:

&You're as weak
as the hearts you break.


You're so


for leaving me a  mess.


nothing major, but this made my day(:

So, today
he was messing with
my hair, during class.
When he stopped,
I  started to try and fix it back. 
He stopped me ,
looked me in the eyes, and said ,
"It looks fine, trust me."

Let's pick it up where we last left off,
you know, 

the part where we come



Do you really enjoy
living a life  that's so hateful?

'Cause there's a hole
where your soul should be.

You're losing control a bit 
& it's really distasteful.


I thought about;
being sad all day,
watching romance movies,
eating all the chocolate I could find
& listening to sappy break up songs.

Instead I;

Watched the bloodiest vampire movie I could find,
ate popcorn, 
&listened to ''F**ck You" by Lily Allen.


I feel like I win somehow.