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Hey. I'm Hailey or Bug. I'm your typically Freshman. Been heartbroken twice, been lied to and have been cheated on. I am still strong. Witty makes me want to be the best I can be. It helps me see that most girls are going through the same thing.I also believe that true loves come from within not just knowing someone for a few days! <3 Thanks Witty for listening!

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I suffer from girlnextdooritis where the guy is friends with you and that's it. 
<3 Taylor Swift


I wonder if he holds you like I did, I hope that he can love you better. Cause we were everything that’s right at the wrong time♥ David Cook

No Guy Is Ever Worth Your Tears. You Are Beautiful And Strong A Never Let Anyone Tell You Different! <3

When you have a boyfriend that you love and find someone better. And it comes down to deciding. Always pick the 2nd because if you did love the first you wouldn't find the 2nd guy

"What's A G6?"
"What's a Bieber?"
"I don't know, but he looks like a girl!"

<33 Super Bowl Commercial

Note to Self #1:
                                    He Is Never Ever Worth Your Tears!
You are beautiful, strong, and confident!
There is someone who will treat you better just wait<3

I miss you soo much
                  if only you knew

I miss the way you held me, understood me, got me && loved me!
 I think if you knew though you wouldnt care cause you broke mee and still had noo clue you did it <//3

because u choose her over me that night! and i dont think you regret it at all


Taylor Swift is my role model! She inspires me with every move she makes! She knows what girls are going through and hse stays true to her music! Wheather its a You Belong With Me Day or a Fearless day! She Is there for most of us when hes just (You're) Not Sorry anymore! She is a great friend even if we do not know her personally she is there through good times and bad! So heres to Taylor Swift! A girls best friend who is always there! Are Role Model! <3

all minee! go taylor(:

Today is the day i have gotten over you today is the day I am going to start the rest of my life and theres nothing anyone can do to stop it!  Heres to the rest of my life! Cause I am through With the past! <3
Highschool is coming up! And I everyone cant wait! But to tell you the truth I am scared to death about what is going to happen! I am afraid of seeing you fall in love with someone else! I am afraid to get heartbroken! Not get into the college of my dreams! To say goodbye to everyone in 2014. To not live my  life to the fullest. To watch my bestfriends get heartbroken not knowing what to do. I am scared of loseing my friends to pointless drama! But heyy it may just be me but I am scared to death to start the next chapter in my life!