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The name's Hailey.The world was lucky enough to see me July.5.'96.I'm from a little town no one has heard of :)I'm currently dating RobertLavoie ( L ). The best things in life are basketball,friends,computer,and the WindsorSpitfries. :) I may come off as a bitch, and believe me i am. I usually don't care what people think, but on the odd ocasion i'll think about it. I've been told i'm pretty cool to chill with. I love school and my favorite subject is Gym. Life would suck without sports. Witty is my own diary, and i would die if he ever saw it.

Quotes by Hailey_Jonasxoxo

Let's commit the perfect crime.
                                   I'll steal your,  
// heart //          
                                           and you'll steal  
// mine     //         (      L      )
&+ i wonder if i ever cross your mind,
for me it happens all the

&ifyouthink ;
after 12 months,
after all the times you broke my heart,
after all the times you lead me on,
after all the girls you put before me,
after all the times i told you everything,
after all my tears,
after changing my life,
that i'm stil in love with you,
HAHA boy, your sooo,
Right <'3

I gave you it all,
you had my heart in the very palm of your hand,
you crushed my dreams ,
broke my heart,
the only thing you have to say is sorry ?
you never even gave us a chance,
you told me you loved me,
then leave me alone ,thinking wondering
what's wrong with me.
sweetie i now know , there is nothing wrong with me
it's your fault.
your missing a one in a life time chance,
you'll never find a girl that loves you quite like i do,
i'm moving on, and forgetting everything about you.
you don't deserve me ,so baby,
I'mSorry. (;