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🎀Anna🎀*'s Favorite Quotes

And when he leaves,
you will finally
understand why
storms are named 
after people.

Missinyocomes in waves,
And tonight i am drowning.
This quote does not exist.
Suicide isn't stupid, do you want to know what is stupid? 
Hurting somebody so much emotionally that they think suicide is the only answer.
That's stupid.

I wish

someone would show me a whole new world...




when you get un-wanted d.ick pics:


Drake and Josh
Josh: *Hanging from a roof* I deserve this. This is all because I forgot to feed my turtle Sheldon in kindergarten! He went to Heaven, and now my life is bad! [looks up] Ya happy, Sheldon?! We're even now!
Walter: Josh?

I gave away my kisses,
to a boy with clumsy hands that loved to feel,
and lips that said such stupid things,
I had to shut them with mine.
This quote does not exist.