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Just right when I thought I was getting familar with the voices inside my head
and walking through my days half alive, you came along.
I don't know if I could say you have saved me,
for I don't even know if I wanted to be saved.. at least not in this way.
My sleepless nights.. are still sleepless nights but spent next to you.
My empty fridge is now filled with groceries that could make dinner for two.
My once depressing mornings have turned into waking up to a "good morning" from you.
My playlist of songs for grieving is replaced with songs ready for a roadtrip anytime soon.
But most importantly, my empty cold heart has turned into blazing fire because of you.
Now I don't know where my reckless mind might take us 
but whatever will be the end of this -for the first time-
I want it to be a happy one.


A new year should not be the reason you want to become a better person or "start a new chapter".

Every minute that passes is an opportunity that should be taken.

It's time to wake up, time is oblivious to all our calendars.

As you grow up, I hope you won't feel this ache anymore, I hope that you won't make watching a sad movie an excuse for you to cry over everything that's causing you pain. I hope by the time you had the chance to read this, you'd finally be happy again. If not, I'd like to believe that you at least tried.

- A journal entry, 2013

Go then if you must, but remember,
no matter how foolish your deeds,
those who love you
will love you still.

- Sophocles, Antigone
Somethings are true, whether you believe in them or not

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                                                                                                           -Elizabeth Barret Browning

"How can you say you love one person
when there are ten thousand people in the world
that you would love more if you ever met them?
But you'll never meet them.
All right, so we do the best we can. Granted.
But we must still realize that
love is just the result of a chance encounter."

-Charles Bukowski

 "Don't get too comfortable, sweetheart. I was his everything once too."



One day, you will realise 
that I was the fresh air
before your last breath.
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