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Quotes by halahsat*

I'll forgive you, but the way I look at you will never be the same.


I lost all of my innocence, when i fell in love with you.|

-I taught your girlfriend the things you like.

He won't let anyone hurt you, but he'll hurt you more than anyone.



If you're reading'this...

congratulations, you're alive

if that's not something

to smile about,

then i don't know what is.


& smile when everybody

expects you to cry.

&today this guy

I cried myself to sleep for,

finally talked to me♥ 

- true story:D

-Is there anyone else who
liked somebody so much
you just wanna lock
yourself in your room
turn on sad music
and cry? -nmf

I hate it when the teacher says your name

& then the whole class will look at you. -.-



why should we give people

second chances when there's

people out there waiting for the

first one

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