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So after 6 months me and my boyfriend broke up...its been about 50 days sense we did...and im lost. I dont know where to go, who to talk to, what to say, who to hang out with, how to feel. Ive been crying a lot and i cant help it. ii just wish i didnt have feelings, cause they suck. And im tired, very tired. I havnt slept for about 3-4 days, just little naps and the only thing ive eaten was chicken strips because our family went out to dinner. a heart break really fucks you up, dosnt it? 

Quotes by HannahKennison

I think I screwed up guys...
I took some pills,
and I'm not ready for this,
I'm scared guys,
Help Me...
Dummers bang harder,
Bassists do it deeper,
Singer do it louder,
&& Guitarist finger fast.
Look in the mirror && tell yourself you are Beautiful && you are Worthy
Those things really help you. 
Dear Life, 

When I asked "what else could go wrong?" that was a rhetrorical question, not a challenge. Just saying. 

  Hate to Love,

The human life is made up of choices.

Yes or no. 

In or out.

Up or down.

And then there are the choices that matter.

Love or hate.

To be a hero or to be a coward.

To fight or to give in.

To live. Or die. Live or die.

That's the important choice.

And it's not always in our hands.
If I were Jay Z 
you'd be my Beyonce 
We could rock the nation like they do

If I was De Vinchi
you'd be Monda Lisa
Paint a smile perfectly on you

and if i were james dean 
you could be my audrey 
breakfast at tiffanys for two 

So throw me away 
cause if i were a boomerang
i'd turn around and come right back to you. 
I'm done hoping we could work it out,
I'm done with how it feels, spinnin my wheels, letting you drag my heart around,
I'm done thinkin you could ever change,
I know my heart will never be the same, 
But I'm tellin myself I'll be okay,
Even on my weakest days.
The only person that can truly make us happy is ourselves.
No one else can make us more whole or complete than we already are. :)
People say I've changed so much. 
Well here's the truth, I grew up.
I stopped letting people push me around all the time.
I learned you can't always be happy.
I accepted reality.
I like drinking coffee alone, and reading alone
I like riding the bus alone, and walking alone
It gives me time to think, and set my mind free
I like eating alone, and listening to music alone
but when I see a mother with her child,
a girl with her lover,
or a friend with their best friend
I realize even though I like being alone,
I dont fancy being lonley.