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hey girl ;) my name is Hannah and I'm taken by an amazing boyfriends named Jacob<3 we've been dating for a month and hopefully we keep it going.i also play sports like cheer and softball. many people say that cheer isn't a sport but it really is when it comes to competitions. Softball is a sport that isn't my favorite but it still keeps me busy to have something to do. I'm in 8th grade right now it has been pretty difficult but hopefully it gets better. I thinks its hard trying to find where you fit in the best.Im the kind of person who hates to talk crap behind peoples backs. If you don't have anything nice to say then why say it? Theres allot of drama in jr high that i just try to stay anyway from and theres always those girls who complain about it but there the ones who start it. Well Anyways witty has been amazing. When I'm not busy i go on here and read all these inspirational quotes. I also try to make quotes myself but there always not that great like others. well ii g2g bye thanks for reading<3

Quotes by HannahNadeau7

And even though we hardly talk anymore. I will always keep everly little memorie we have had deep down in my thoughts.
Dear him,
I wander if you ever think about us and how we use to be. When we were crazy about each other and thought that nothing could go wrong. I wander if you ever remember those long nights of cuddling while watching a movie tell we fell asleep on each other or when we would just stare in each others eyes until one of us said "i love you". I wander if any of these things go through your head now. How we use to be and not like how we are now. complete strangers.
I am still scarred from the past, and it will never go away.
me: mom can u buy me more underwear


me:because i just got my pariod 

                                                          Happens everytime

                 : /

A dad comes home drunk and mad, he pulls out a gun and shoots his
wife and turns to the gun himself and pulls the trigger. The little girl sits behind a couch crying. The police came and took the little girl to a new family, and she went to her first Sunday school at church. She walks past the building and sees a picture of Jesus on the cross. The little girl then ask's the teacher "How did that m
an get off the cross?" the Teacher replied "He never did" then the little girl argued "Yes he did. Because the night that my mommy and daddy died he sat next to me behind the couch, telling me everything was going to be alright". 66% of you won't post this, But remember what the bible say's "Deny me in front of your friends and i shall Deny you in front of my father". So re-post this, remember god saw you read this

hey it doesnt hurt to re-post this so...here.
Dont let anyone
                  Dull your sparkle<3                    
Friend:whats your passwored to long on to your computore?
Friend:holy sh*t how do u reamember that many nummbers!
me :

me:(gives a weird look) im just counting down by 9 in it
Friend:ohhhh wow lmfao nvm didnt notice that
No matter how hard life gets 
   keep your chin up and stay strong
dude i wasn't that drunk...
you saw a clown fish at the pet store and yelled i found nemo!.......

Even though i broke up with you
doesn't mean that i magically have no feelings for you anymore