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hey girl ;) my name is Hannah and I'm taken by an amazing boyfriends named Jacob<3 we've been dating for a month and hopefully we keep it going.i also play sports like cheer and softball. many people say that cheer isn't a sport but it really is when it comes to competitions. Softball is a sport that isn't my favorite but it still keeps me busy to have something to do. I'm in 8th grade right now it has been pretty difficult but hopefully it gets better. I thinks its hard trying to find where you fit in the best.Im the kind of person who hates to talk crap behind peoples backs. If you don't have anything nice to say then why say it? Theres allot of drama in jr high that i just try to stay anyway from and theres always those girls who complain about it but there the ones who start it. Well Anyways witty has been amazing. When I'm not busy i go on here and read all these inspirational quotes. I also try to make quotes myself but there always not that great like others. well ii g2g bye thanks for reading<3

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Today, I saw an old lady

vaccuming her lawn.


I must admit;
when I realize that a guy has a six pack
he automatically becomes
 a whole lot hotter 


Sometimes the girl thats been there for everyone else needs someone to be there for her.
Backstreet Boys: "What Makes You Different (makes you beautiful)"
One Direction: "What Makes You Beautiful"
Backstreet Boys: "It's Gotta Be You"
One Direction:"Gotta Be You"
Backstreet Boys:"More Than That"
One Direction:"More Than This"
Backstreet Boys:"I Want It That Way"
One Direction:"I Want"
Backstreet Boys:"Love Will Keep You Up All Night"
One Direction:"Up All Night"

So tell me again how original One Direction is

"Did you just fall?" 

"No, I attacked the floor."


"I'm freaking talented!"

nmq nmf 


my social studies class today

*girl puts chapstick on*
teacher : oh so your gunna put makeup on in my class, *in valley girl voice* like oh my god im a little bi*ch  i can just put on makeup when ever i want..?!

the class died, it was hilarious!
& who else makes sure their favorite classes get the
folders or binders?


sorry, had to repost.
This quote does not exist.

                         I wrote 'swag' on a sticky note
                         and stuck it on my lightswitch
                                    That way I can
                              wake up everyday and

                                   turn my swag on

I’m sorry I’m not good enough.
I’m sorry I’m not as attractive.
I’m sorry that I’m not like others.
I’m sorry I’m not as nice.
I’m sorry I’m not as popular.
I’m sorry I’m not as smart.
I’m sorry that I’m not able to do anything.
I’m sorry I am so worthless.
I’m sorry that I will never be good enough.