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Quotes by HannahWebb

If I wanted to read stories, I would go to the library.
Not a QUOTING site. 
He was never in my vocabulary,
Until one day, he became the only word my heart knew... ♥

Lets commit the perfect crime....
ill steal your heart you steal mine 

You  don' li ke  me?
Oh okay that's cool, Because you act like I'm supposed to care? As if I really need you in my life. When in reality I could really care less if you liked, loved or hated me.
Your opinon doesn't phase me ♥

I'nolazy, it's called;
 Selective Participation♥

She was walking gracefully like she
stepped out of a cocoon. down to
manhattan boulevard and first avenue. with her

black frame glasses and her daisy perfume,
he said, 'have we met before?'
she said, 'no, it's only noon.'

Dear chickens,
Don't worry, it's okay.
They only like us for our breasts too..

Sincerely, ♥

Us females.

If laughing was a sport,

Awhh! You guys made me ink!

-  F  i  n  d  i  n  g    N  e  m  o 

We Were Given Two Hands To Hold
Two Legs To Walk
Two Eyes To See
Two Ears To Listen
But Why Only One Heart?
Because The Other One
Was Given To Someone For Us To Find