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The name is hannah, Im chill, and down for anything. Hit me upp :)

Quotes by Hannahhhh_Leanneeee13

Oh Boy these night are tall,
i wish that i could spend them with you,
im looking at this wall repeating,
Boy I Love You <3
Just take your pick
there all the same,
things that your telling me,
can really show me how you feel,
Im breaking down, im going down.
Now im Breathing

-If only, i was a little bit shorter, my hair was a little longer, i was a little bit prettier, alot skinnier, if only i  was that popular girl that EVERYBODY want to be with, if only i wasn't the girl that calls herself different, maybe just maybe i'de end up with you ♥;

Dont you find it weird that a girl can mean EVERY word she says,
but when a boy says it, its kinda hard to believe?