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Quotes by HappyGab2020

When I Was Your Man <3
Im sorry guys... I really needed to vent kinda.. I dont know if this is story or a poem or a vent thing... I dont even know... I just wanted to get this out there. I doubt no one cares tho...

I got so excited when I saw your name on my screen... We haven't spoken in weeks.
Then I open the Message and its you telling me How much I let you down and that you hate me now and Dont want to talk to me.
You turned into the person you said you would never be.
the person that just walks out on me instead of talking it through with me.
Can you please just stay?
Ive had so many people walk out on me before.
You were the only one I trusted 
And now you wont even look at me.
 I dont blame you really
But I stay up everynight almost
Crying about how much I screwed up and wanted to go back
Can you just stay?
And talk, and tell me what i did.
I know you said I say sorry to much and I don't take jokes well
But I really am Sorry And I almost Cut the other day over you. 
And at lunch the other day when I was talking with My friend and had
Tears in my eyes
I looked over at you and it looked like you were looking at me
But then I remembered I didnt matter to you anymore.
I miss the time when I felt like I could tell you everything
And you would sit there and Listen and say
Everything will be alright. Just keep your head up and smile
But when we were slowly breaking apart all you would say is
I cant even look at you without my heart dropping to my stomach and
feeling like I need to puke.
I just want you back in my life... 
I see that isnt gonna happen...
I wish you would just stay..
Oh my friends.
*In performing Arts*

Me: Mumbling look at me now* 

Derrick: Starts screaming* YELLOW MODEL CHIC




I love my friends..
I was listening to music and had both my ear phones in
and couldnt hear anything
My step dad was trying to get my attention
One way to get my attention is come over and tap me on the shoulder,
But no, He threw the remote at me...
Yes, because thats how you should get someones attention...
Me at my friends house

Julia: Okay stuff the candy in your bra and in your shirt

*Walking into the living room. Her mom saw us*

Me: *Standing there awkwardly with candy in my bra.*

Julia: Mom let us by..

Her mom: Whats in your shirt? *Trys to catch julia* Look I know your not pregnant...

We all started laughing so hard...
*Down stairs with my friend*
*My sister yelling from upstairs*
*My friend*
"I got her..."
*I hear my friend say from upstairs*

Oh my friends and Family...
Singing along to a song but not actually singing
and your sister looking at you like
you belong in a mental Holspital...

Lauging 'til we cry

Love you Julia!