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Hey guys my names Nicole, but everyone calls me Nikki. I love to swim and play tennis, I love one direction, the wanted, neon trees, and andy grammer, and especially cher lloyd. Get to know me. Xx

Quotes by HarryStylesLovaa

And all i want is someone to want me 

to love me with all their heart

to make me smile when i need to be lifted up

to make me happy and wipe my tears away

and to just love me for who i am <3

Dear Guys,
 Theres a difference between thinking a girl is hot,thinking you have a crush on her, and thinking shes the one.

I just want a hand to hold
a heart to love
and lips to kiss




i was at a carnival today
and saw all the happy couples
and realized 


Why is it that every time i try to do something my weight gets in the way
fat girl problems.

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Whereever i go 
Wherever i go;i will always know that i have you with me in my heart no matter how far apart
even though i dont want to go i will always be loved because the best things in life are always free<3
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I just want to be taken .



never thought id live
to see the day
where everybodys words got in the way

~everybody talks 

Its Ma Birthdayyyyy!!!:D
Behind every quote 
there is a story