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Taylor-Rose-Miller is the name that's on my birth certificate. Got a problem with me? I don't care. Keep it to you and your little immature shit talking posies.
  Ever have that one guy that you feel would do anything for you? or you would do anything for them? yeah, i have one of those. His name is Tyler Scott Oswald. 11-18-11 is the day it all started and hopefully will go on forever. I love him.
  We all have that one friend where you can tell them like anything. But sometimes they leak the secrets. Its fine tho. How are you going to find out anything in life then? Thanks Tiffanie Amber Hopkins. I love you till the end<3

HatersBeOnMe's Favorite Quotes

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And i'd do anything 
just to have you hold me in your arms and say "i l o v e y o u."
like you used to


Sitting there like a loner  
when your surrounded by a bunch of friends with boyfriends/girlfriends and your alone.


When you said " i love you "

You didnt mean it 

But  wanna know something?


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I wonder if he knows
 That whenever I'm in the halls, He's the only person I'm searching for♥

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