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Hattie's Favorite Quotes


just because i don't start
the conversation, doesn't mean i'm not dying to speak to you.

the awkward first 30 minutes of a party


If he only wants your

breasts,legs,and thighs

send him to KFC


I'm Jealous Of My Parents
I'll never have a kid as cool as theirs.

. ......

I told my mom that 
i broke into a homeless mans house...
she grounded me.


Me: *Sneeze*
Class: *Silence*
Most popular girl in grade: *Sneeze*

Class: God bless you sweetheart Jesus Lord let God protect you from that horrible sneeze! Amen!

Start being nice to your mom,

Because apparently its legal to kill kids now..

I must admit;
when I realize that a guy has a six pack
he automatically becomes
 a whole lot hotter 


counting people in class

to see which paragraph you have to read out loud.


I swear he's cute, hold on . . .