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I used to be so strong..


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Quotes by HaveFaithInMe_x3

So uh hi...
Remember me?

I used to be your bestfriend?
You loved me? The laughs
Memories, fun times...
I guess, it didnt mean that much to you
since you let something stupid
come between us.

I cant do this anymore..
I cant..

Words literally cannot describe how much
I hate you.

Oh wait, they just did.

Life is a lie
Madness is a moment
Hope is hell
Caring is cruel
Death is a dream


I can't hold this family together anymore


I  dont  remember  when  I asked  for  your opinion.

So shut the hell up.
I hate how people say
"i cant live without him/her!" while going out with someone.
Then when they breakup they move on to another person. Like no.

When I say it, I really do mean it.
I wouldnt be able to live without my best/boyfriend Nicholas or bestfriend Nabeeha.
If it wasnt for them, i WOULD have killed myself last year.
If it wasnt for them, I wouldnt be here. They literally are keeping me alive.
They're the only reason.❤

There is literally no help.
How annoying.