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bye everyone.
smh. i'm not fake, just bitches wont believe me.
bye igorawr15. ily.

Quotes by HayleeBieber

i'm sorry for venting. but everyone knows that i tried to killmyself right? shadysback is telling everyone that i'm "fake" and staged the suicide. i've been through treally hard times. being bullied, my paretns divorced, and losing friends. shadysback has even called me: ugly, worthless joke, and other really mean words. i'm not trying to tattle, i'm just getting sick of this.

let me tie your shoes, cause i'd hate to see you fall for someone else.

i don't really know why
i'm still hoping.


i'll come over your house or you'll come over mine

we'll watch some disney movies together, cuddle, and spend sometime.

save your heart
for some
one who
leaves you


but it's late,
and I have to be up soon. Wish you were
here, I'm sorry things changed.



take my heart,
|||||||||||| AS YOU'RE LEAVING |||||||||

i don't need it anymore.

if it's still in your mind,
then it's still in your heart.

every text i get,
i hope it's from you.


it's scary the way
nobody stays together anymore.