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A balloon always floats high up in the sky , but who finds it is unknown (:
You said love lasts forever ,
I didn't know forever had and experation date .
Love the peope in your life , not only that , but remember the memories .
<3 Always & Forever <3 

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Quotes by HayleyLove

If   Cinderella's shoe perfectly fit , 
why did it fall off ? 
And who else
Wishes they could
recored their dreams
to watch them later ?
You Don't Get Another Chance , Life's Not A Board Game .

Anyone who says sunshine

brings happiness to your life,obviously has never danced in the rain . (:

Your the reason humans we're made with middle fingers (: 
I don't care about your past,
all i wanna  know if there's a place for me in your future. <3

I see you everyday,
and I'm dyeing inside ,
of the pain on how much
I truly love you <3


I've built a wall

To not even look back but to see you loves me && climb over
Best Friends(:

Friends are like Stars ,
Their there when you need them,
But you will not always see them<3

Best Friends are always there for you,
through THICK & THIN .

Make new friends,
but keep the old,
one is silver & the other gold(:

Boys don't admit
they like you,
they don't do anything,
until its too late & you
already moved on.