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* i love reading the quotes on here and gettin inspiration from them when im really feelin down and i love to cheer be outside hang out with my friends*

Quotes by HeArTBrOkEn82

Your making my knees shake
Please baby dont unleash that snake
I cant control myself when im with you
Your sexy body got me callin u my boo
So stay far away bout 5 feet
Or my reputation is bout to be beat on the street ;)
Me & you we alwayz playin around
We always know where the partys goin down
Swimmin hot tubbin runnin the block
We alwayz togetha round the clock
Bein stupid & funny
Sittin around cuz we aint got no money
Laughin at ourselves till we cryin
Crying bout the guys who been lying
Taken them boyz to the candy shop
sittin round sipppin on that cherry pop
Juss chillen with u its like no other
girl u muh sista from another mother!
I dont wanna be in love i dont wanna be so serious
I juss wanna chill with you tonight cuz ur lookin mysterious
Dont worry im not lookin for a man i juss want a friend
so lets see where the night takes us and hope it never ends
.. You smile at me..
My heart stops..
..You laugh with me..
My heart stops.
..You kiss me..
My MiNd stops and my HeArT takes over..