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the name is stacey :]
don't like it?

don't [ a p p r o v e ] of me?
well honey, you ain't me are yuh? :]

tha rules on my street ^-^

wanna talk rap?
talk your way out my door :]

wanna talk about screamo?
hah. you've got my attention for another eternity! :]]]

wanna talk brokeNCYDE?
ill love you <3 :].

wanna talk jonas brothers?
PSH. ! please, i'd rather be dead ;].

^ follow my rules or get lost :D!

music; etf; gary kramer; converse; twilight; edward cullen; paramore

mena's my best friend. diss her and yuh die :]]]<3333!

Quotes by HeLL0xkiTtyxg0ree

                  The best part about believe
                      is the believe.
that won't scream at horror movies
but screams bloody-murder when the
poptart comes out of the toaster

who cares
if you're going to wear your
best dress with converse?
who cares
if you want to s c r e a m at the
top of your lungs in a library?
who cares
if people think you're ditz
because you're always hyper?
who cares
if you don't wear Hollister, A&F
but Hot Topic?
who cares
if you listen to Escape The Fate
instead of the Jonas Brothers?
who cares
if you're obnoxious in public places
and dance around like a drunkie in the mall?
who cares
if you like someone way older than you?
who cares
if people hate your guts?
they're just jealous
who cares
what anyone says?

    1,2; We're coming for you
                                     3,4; Lock your doors

Close my eyes &+ hold my arms out. If I fall I know you'll [c a t c h  m e]. Through the clouds I, see the ground but, if I fall I know you'll CAtch M3. *
                                                             I adMit
                                                     I have not had my first kiss yet
                                  I've never been in a relationship for more than a month
                                        I'm in Love with someone way [ o l d e r ] than me
                                              I am perverted at certain hours of the day
                                     I pretend to like someone but actually hate their guts
                                                      I like out of the ordinary things
                          I would do anything to pull him into a closet and kiss him for hours

                                                      0h ASiUNS!

lmfaoo insider w/ me & my best friends :]^^
                                      There is something I see in [ y o u ]
                                It might kill me
                                               I want it to be --> true

                                     We'rE G0iNg t0 bUrN Y0uR CitY