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the name is stacey :]
don't like it?

don't [ a p p r o v e ] of me?
well honey, you ain't me are yuh? :]

tha rules on my street ^-^

wanna talk rap?
talk your way out my door :]

wanna talk about screamo?
hah. you've got my attention for another eternity! :]]]

wanna talk brokeNCYDE?
ill love you <3 :].

wanna talk jonas brothers?
PSH. ! please, i'd rather be dead ;].

^ follow my rules or get lost :D!

music; etf; gary kramer; converse; twilight; edward cullen; paramore

mena's my best friend. diss her and yuh die :]]]<3333!

Quotes by HeLL0xkiTtyxg0ree

the day he asked you out on AIM. You thought it was amazing and that you could brag that you actually had a boyfriend. His icon had your name with hearts all around it. You were already planning your second date even before the first one. You would hug everyday at school. You would always have something to talk about. You were pretty much best friends as much as lovers. Your friend forced you to use one straw for your drinks. Not that you had a problem with it. Everything seemed to be fine. Until the day he broke up with you over AIM. You were on the phone with your best friend when it had happened. You never got over him for 5 months. Later on when you finally talk to him again he says he was forced to go out with you and never considered you his girlfriend. Everything is cool and your friends again but you know that still doesn't  take away the fact that

              hE bR0kE Y0uR hEARt.

                                                             ell oh vee ee
                                                                is just another word
                                                       i never learned to
Just a little more
Come on and satisfy me
Just a little more
Come on and tErriFy mE.
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