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////////////// Well here i come. If you like it or not I'm going to stay.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

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I'm messed up;
I push people away like i know nothing else.
I say things and do things i don't mean, then regret them later.
I have huge trusting issues.
I push people to do things they don't want.
I have people hating me,when they don't even know me.
I'm settling for something i know will make someone else happy, Not me.
And I'm horrible but I just want to be different,perfect.


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People can promise a lot,
But it's when you actually keep the promise that it matters.

I love your hugs :)
Imma Buy you a free hugs shirt ;)

It starts in The Narnia,
it works it way up to Candyland,
And then Hey-
Congradualte me because in the new defense against the dark arts teacher at



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Sometimes your good
isn't good enough

The girl who is the most prettiest... Feels the most ugly
The girl who seems to have the most friends ...Is really hated by them all
The one that complains about her life and has her friends by her side... Her "friends" hate her
The girl whose mean to everyone... is really one of the nicest people you'll ever meet
The one who she says I love you to... is only after one thing
The girl who everyone takes all the answers from because she smart...... feels used
The girl that doesn’t mind her own business .....she just cares about everyone
The one who started off alone and cold ....Is still finding her way
The chicks that use to be so fun and is not sad..... Her life is more screwed up then you know
The girl who texts him all the time..... probably wishes they could be more
The lady who seemed to have everything and lost it all... lives in the memories

But the thing is you’ll never really understand what it are like to be them

I know everyone hates me secretly
I can see it in there eyes
When i pass by
There looking at me
And its like they want me to die


*~I hate it here.
Never felt so alone
No one cares.
Its the story of all our lives right?

Realizing you were wrong
&~ Arguing on anyway